Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Notes on the I Pad

Although a list of apps was submitted to the Tech Department by our team, they are not on our I Pads yet.  Luckily, there is much that can be done with basic apps.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been teaching my students how to track their thinking while reading.  They have been using post it notes to jot down things that they are thinking about while reading.

Click the image above for free bookmarks to help track thinking!

Really any thinking and jotting down of thoughts is promoted while reading, and my students are becoming excellent at doing this during their "read to self" and "read to someone" time.  The problem is this:

Post its everywhere!  Some students LOVE it, and I would not change this for the world.  Some though would rather write down their thoughts digitally.  This is where Notes on the I Pad comes in!  They can track their thinking to their hearts' content without killing so many trees.  SIMPLE, but very effective, and my students love it.

At the end of Reader's Workshop time (I use the Daily Five routines), we always share post its as a class, from the morning of reading, writing, and word work.  On the I Pad, they can now share their writing digitally very easily using my document camera or connecting their I Pads to the Smart Board.

Example of a student note:
Remember: Reading is Thinking!

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