Friday, August 14, 2015

Flexible Seating for a New Year

After using i Pads with my third graders last year, I noticed something very interesting.

They NEVER sat at their desks!

Generally the desks were just a place for storing items.  When my students used their i Pads alone, they liked to sit in a quiet space to listen or record.  This usually meant they were on the floor.  When they worked in partners or groups collaboratively they either sat at a table around the room or also on the floor.


This year I decided to remedy this situation!  I starting collecting tables last year, and I ordered one this year to round out my collection.  I currently have a trapezoid table, a circular table, two rectangle tables, and a group of desks.  Each child has a place to sit, but the seating is flexible so students can move around to different tables as needed.  To start the year next week, I will be using these "Name Tents" I created!

Each child will have a name tent at their place to start the year.  As the year progresses I hope that they will be able to sit in different spots depending on the work that is being done.  Many of my students like to take assessments or work on their assignments in different places, and I think that this only helps to differentiate!  Even now as I type I am sitting on my couch and not at a desk.

I will be posting more pictures of my set up and organization of materials next week!

How do you organize your room?  Click on the link from for more ideas!