Monday, January 12, 2015

No Apps? No Problem!

Apps are a wonderful thing, but there is SO much that can be done on an I Pad without very many apps!  Today my third graders and I added some "shortcuts" to our home screens by using the "Add to Home Screen" feature on our I Pads!

The first website we added to our home screens was  This is my personal site, and below is how we added it!  This website allows you to add many links your students may want to use throughout the day all on one page for FREE.  Check mine out to see what we use on our I Pads each day without apps!

First, "Air Drop" the link you want your students to add to their home screens.  It is MUCH easier than having them type it in.  "Air Drop" is a way to send links and items directly from one I Pad to another.  As the teacher, you can send things directly to your students!

To do this, swipe up from the bottom of YOUR I Pad and turn on "AirDrop Everyone".  The students all need to this exact same thing as well!

Then, go to the website you want to send to the students on your I Pad.
Click the blue square with the arrow at the top,  and you should see your students' names in circles!  Send them the link by tapping on each child's name, and their I Pad will go directly to this website.

When everyone has the website open on their own I Pad, have each student click on the blue square with the arrow, then click "Add to Home Screen", and then "Add" in blue.

After it is added, every time the third graders need to access this website, they can just click on the link they made on their home screens!  It will appear on their home screen after clicking the final "Add" above.  Check out to set up your own free page!  You can check out my tizmos page to see what links I have added for my students to use throughout the day.

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  1. I love it when I learn new things not only from my teachers, but from their students as well!!! It is so nice to see the students learning so many valuable skills to help them throughout their educational journey!!! Nice work Keever's Crew!!!!