Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Apps for the I Pad

With any piece of technology in the classroom, it is all about how it is used to ENHANCE and TRANSFORM learning that is already occurring.  The SAMR model is a great way to push yourself when designing lessons using technology:
While using Notes on the I Pad, as I previously posted, to jot down notes while reading is just a "Substitution," there are many ways to move up levels on the SAMR model with only a few apps!

With most of these Apps listed above, "Redefinition" can occur!  It is all about how you use the apps that you have.  Buying endless games is not really necessary when the internet is available for games.  I am sure there will be more apps that are explored as the year goes on, but this basic list is really all my students will need to enhance and transform their learning using I Pads.  More to come on how this goes when we get our apps!

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