Monday, September 1, 2014

Classroom Reveal

It is finally here!  The first day of school is tomorrow!  While we will not have our IPads yet, there will be a lot of learning going on to get ready for their arrival.

Since this is the first year for a 1:1 Initiative in the district, each child must have an agreement signed by a parent to use a device in the classroom.  The parents will sign these at Open House this year!  While it is hard to wait, I will continue to post how we are getting ready for our IPads.

Below is a picture of my classroom after I painted this summer, before everything was ready.
Here are some pictures of how it looks now!  It is ready for a new group of third graders, and I am excited for them to see it!
This banner is in the hallway.  I ordered this banner on Vista Print.  When people walk by, they can scan the QR Codes to see our Facebook page, Twitter page, and classroom blog.
This is the new color scheme for the year!
The library area.
My meeting/desk area.
Finally, this is where our IPads will go until our carts come! They will be numbered and stored in these crates.  I also have several power strips for charging.  

Our first lessons for the year will be all about Digital Citizenship.  When the IPads come, then the students will be ready to post on our classroom blog!


  1. Looks GrEaT Jodi!! Your students will be sooo excited and very lucky to have a great teacher!!! SO ready to start this year as well!!!!

    1. Thank you!! I had fun decorating, and I am definitely ready to use that room now! :-)