Sunday, October 20, 2013

One More Free Spelling Game!

I am taking a break this week from creating a new spelling game, but last week the third grade spelling pattern was dipthongs!  I had visitors come this weekend, so it was very fun and busy!  Our first official visitors since we moved that are not our families!  Here is a pic of some fun we had visiting my husband's sheep:

 Below is a free game!  Just click on the picture to download!  My TPT has more as well! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spelling Games Galore!

Now that we are almost a full quarter into the school year, things are getting busy!  I am balancing learning all about third grade as well as keeping my materials up to date for Common Core!  My team and I are working hard, but it is also hard to find time to post!

I have been creating spelling games each week for our Word Work station for Daily 5 during our Reader's Workshop time.  I am finally ready to share some games!  The first game is a Gingerbread Short Vowel Sort.  Click on the pictures for your free copy!

This is a review for third grade, but would also work for first or second grade!  It is a fun game, and you can get it for free at my TPT!

I also have created a third grade spelling pack with a folk tale, fairy tale, and fable theme!  You can also get this at my Teacher's Pay Teachers store.  Just click on the pictures below! 

The last game I have to share is a Compound Word Memory Match!  This is also free at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

 I usually introduce a spelling game on the Monday of the week, then the third graders play for Word Work during the week.  I have four choices available during the week.  Two are the current spelling pattern for the week, and two are review.  If you have already covered these spelling patterns, they would be a great word work review!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Guided Reading, Guided Math, Early Out, Oh My!

It has been so hot still in our classrooms that we have had early out twice this week!  Tomorrow we are getting out early as well!  Although there has been less time with my third graders, I have been able to implement the Daily Five routine for guided reading in Reader's Workshop.  I am trying some guided math, but this is proving to be more of a challenge!  Especially with math in the afternoon and getting out early.  I am trying a system of rotations with games, seat work, and meet with the teacher to start.  I will add fact practice soon, hopefully! 

My math stations board looks like the picture below, just with kids' pictures where it says "Child 1", "Child 2", etc.. 

I try to teach a new skill or review other skills that the third graders missed during this time.  It is a work in progress, but it is going ok so far!  I made a game this week for comparing and ordering numbers that you can download for FREE at my TPT Store!  Enjoy!  The games I teach go in my games bin for math stations!