Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More I Pad Math: Greg Tang Math

​Last year I had the opportunity to hear Greg Tang speak about math!
 Greg Tang is the author of such books as:

He has an amazing FREE website:

This is one of the links my students and I use for games everyday!  To find the games, click on the games tab at the top.  There are many games to choose from that reinforce  math fact practice as well as critical thinking skills.  We love Math Limbo.
There is also a special game entitled Kakooma.  To find this, click on the Kakooma tab at the top of the website, and the game pops up.  You can enter your class by signing up, or your students can play without signing in.  The game can be played live against other students, or your students can play with their class only.  They can also practice only without playing live.  I played as a whole class with my students to teach them how the game is played.
The goal of the game is to find the two boxes that when added, subtracted, multiplied or divided together equal a third box.  The basic version is just addition.  The answer is then clicked on to win that box.  Once you play it makes much more sense! 

There is also an app for each operation if you choose to buy the apps, but the online version is free.  Your students can create a link to the game that looks like an app by adding it to their Home Screen.  Just click on the blue box with the arrow at the top of the screen on the specific website so that it can be added to the Home Screen.

My students love these games, and the positive reinforcement given by the timing and points really motivates them to keep practicing!

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