Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wonder Wednesday

Every Wednesday in my classroom is "Wonder Wednesday."  I am sure that other teachers do this as well, and I am not the first or only!  Every Wednesday on my blog I plan on sharing something that I have wondered about, so I thought that this would be a great way to start my first Wonder Wednesday blog post.  During the year my own "wonders" and answers to them will definitely have to do with Ipads I am sure!

This past school year, Wonder Wednesday consisted of checking the amazing website Wonderopolis every Wednesday morning before our Daily Five transitions began.  My students immediately fell in love with this website, and they asked to use it for Read to Someone and Read to Self during Daily Five!  The best part about this website was that it inspired my students to think. 

My third graders began searching for topics that we were studying, researching topics they wondered about, and even finding articles about the game Minecraft to form an argumentative essay convincing me to let them play in class! 

The website does have a video with each article or "wonder", and we had many mini lessons about how to watch a video and when it is appropriate to stop watching and keep reading.  At the end of each wonder there is a comprehension quiz as well.

The BEST part for my lower level readers is that they could LISTEN to the articles as well!

Above is the wonder for today.   As you can see on the left, you can click to explore other wonders, submit a wonder, or vote for wonders.  There are also words highlighted in the article so that if a child is wondering what that word means, all they need to do is click on the word.  There is also a vocabulary box to the right.

If you are wondering about Wonderopolis, check it out!  You might be able to incorporate this into your reading repertoire for next year!  Check back on Wednesday for other wonders and answers to them.

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