Monday, June 16, 2014

APPY Monday!

 Today I am going to share an app that works on your smartphone/Iphone, Ipad/tablet, and computer/laptop all at once!  I love this app for keeping track of important notes, ideas, information, lists, anything really.  It has saved me this year, and I think that it could also have a practical use in the classroom with students.

Evernote can be downloaded to your laptop or computer, but it can also be found in the App Store.  It is an amazing app that is very versatile!  I use it to keep track of notes that I would normally keep on a post-it or in a Sticky Notes App.  Instead of these notes being jumbled up, they are all organized neatly into different Notebooks!   I can access these notes on my Ipad, phone, or laptop, and they will sync themselves.  Sign up is FREE!  All you need to do is remember your e-mail and password information.
This is what my homepage looks like!  I have  10 different notebooks going to organize all of my information.  If you click on Notebooks, add a new notebook, and finally click the PLUS sign in the top right corner, you can add a new note!  Below is a note from a recent tech conference I went to.

When you are in a note, you can click the icons on the bottom to add reminders, picture, or even record audio that will save in your note!  Notes can also be shared with colleagues or students.  There is also a presentation mode for notes and notebooks.

There are so many great ways to use this app in your personal life, but students can use this as well!  All the student needs is an email and password to log in.  Then they can share up to 60 MB of data and notes that sync on all devices.

Now I just have to get going on my summer to do list (that I keep adding to of course) for my classroom saved in Evernote!

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